MyStraightBuddy – Sgt. Bo and Joe Return To Duty

After the 29 Palms Porn Scandal, Joe had to lay low for awhile, but now he’s back with his first new video in 4 years, and it’s one of his best ever. Sgt. Bo, who Joe and Major Wood found on a recruiting trip to the East Coast. After shooting a scene for Major Wood that involved Joe’s helping hand, a once hesitant Sgt. Bo discover he had an itch to scractch, and Joe was more than happy to oblige.

In this 41 minute video, you get to see what it’s like to bond with a hot, muscular and very straight US Marine and watch a bromance between an older and a younger vet turn into experimentation, as Sgt. Bo, overcum with curiosity and horniness steps way, way outside his previous boundaries and tries things he would never have considered before.

First Joe has to figure out a way to fit that huge cock in his mouth. It’s the biggest Joe’s ever seen, much less tried to swallow, and it’s a challenge that he’s determined to meet. Same with diving into those amazing hairy buttcheeks and licking out some Marine hole. Now that Sgt. Bo knows how good at feels, he can’t stop.

And then he drops a bombshell–he wants to suck Joe’s dick! While he looks at pictures of chicks on his phone. You can see on the phone that he’s checking out hot girls while he does it.

Joe finishes by licking up Sgt. Bo’s huge salty load. Perks of the job!

I’m sure Sgt. Bo will remember his first time experimenting for a long time, and you can download and watch this amazing moment in one Marine’s life at!

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