MilitaryClassified – EVERETT 4

I always enjoy bringing Everett back to do some more video work and today I brought him back for another award winning blowjob and watching this little straight stud squirm in extasy really epitomizes a straight guy. Everett receiving head when he’s really not that into it can be kinda annoying but I have such a hard time controlling myself when I have this beautiful piece of a man, spread out on my couch naked with a rock hard dick. Watch how it develops!
Everett is totally all business and he really just comes down to my facility to get his work done and be on his way. This for some reason turns me on even more, which I attribute to the whole submissive/dominant thing that turns most people on about straight guys. It’s such a turn on for me to feel almost violated and abused by a straight guy who just wants to get off for money and then leave.
When I got Everett seated on my couch, I put the porn on my 42″ plasma screen and began by undressing this stud who looks really good in and out of clothes. When his pants came off, his cock was already at attention which was a sign that maybe Everett was enjoying this more than he was letting me know. I began to pounce up and down on his cock and got him all horned up and ready to go.
I would cup his balls as I went balls deep on his cock which would make Everett glance down at me every once in a while trying to see what I was doing to make him feel so good. Next I stood him up and put a chair behind me as I sat down in front of his cock ready to have him fuck my face. This boy’s body is so nice and lean, his cock straight and big and a face that, well, everyone wants.
He naturally knew exactly what to do as I directed him to fuck my face with no remorse, which he did! With his hands behind his head and his rock hard dick inside my mouth in front of him, I began to notice that he was really getting into the zone and had that frightened look of not knowing what to do. He next asked me to jack him off as I increased my penetration of his cock with my mouth and hands. Before long there was nothing he could do to hold back the nut he delivered unwillingly. It was definitely HOT!