BrutalTops – Master Toby & Master Joel – PISS & PHLEGM COCKTAILS FOR YOU


Rock God Master Joel and his brutal roadie Master Toby turn their slutty sub’s arse into a cocktail shaker, filling it to overflowing then making him jump around to the thrashes of their flogger to mix it all up…

Having a cavernous bowel like peters means it’s a never ending cocktail hour as glass after glass of slurry gets squirted out and guzzled by the greedy cunt…

Generous to a fault, the Tops provide the sub with chasers; Gobbing back of the throat phlegm and bladder fulls of piss into a glass to wash down the anal slurry martinis. Then peter is made to use his tongue as a dish cloth to clean the filthy cocktail glass, detailing it till it’s sparkling clean.