BrutalTops – Master Peter & Master Errol – Bowel Full Of Piss

Master Peter is bursting for a piss. What better way to relieve himself than into the open arse of the lockeroom sub. Using a speculum to stretch open the slutty bottoms arsehole, both Masters take a turn filling the gaping hole with their steaming hot urine. With the sub’s bowel full to overflowing with piss, Peter removes the surgical appliance spreading the poor cunt’s sphincter so Master Errol can slip in a dog tail butt plug to keep the pungent liquid sealed in runt’s belly….

Making doggy squat his arse over his water bowl, Master Peter pulls the butt plug out of runts anus. A brown syrup of piss and anal sludge spurts out of his arse hole, splashing over the rim and into the empty dog bowl. What a dirty little fuck runt is. There is only one thing for it, the Top’s order doggy to clean his bowl…