BreederFuckers – Sporty Lad Bryan Gets A Ass Beating


Bryan Fills His Days With B-ball and Hanging Out At Diners Downing Milkshakes and Burgers. He’s Teased Us Long Enough Sticking His Ass Up In the Air Showing Off the Pristine White of His Underwear Above His Shorts. He’s Dragged Him Into Our Lair and Tied Up so the Pervy Tops Can Do Exactly What They Want With Him and Teach This Sporty Bastard Some Respect. His Ass Is Flogged Till His Cheeks Radiate Heat and His Face Twists Into an Expression of Disbelieving Shock. He’ll Do Anything to End This Agony Even If That Means Stroking Other Guys’ Dicks. Clothes Pegs Are Attached Down His Body Making His Skin Incredibly Sensitive and Livening Up Every Nerve Ending. Dave Administers a Severe Lashing and At the Same Time the Pegs Are Ripped Off Him Giving This Straight Cunt the Shock of His Life.