MilitaryClassified – BARON

Today i’m introducing a new recruit to the military classified line up! meet BARON. This dude is quite a feat of work! This white straight stud stands lean and full of tats! Seriously! Tats cover most of his chest arms and back and he’s not even finished. Baron is the type of guy you don’t want to meet on a dark corner late at night but ironically here he is.. getting his dick sucked for cash and bringing joy to Rob’s heart!
Baron has had some rough spots in his life and has been trying to get it together for some time now and he was referred to me from another friend so I knew he wasn’t a crazy dude. When we met he was very polite, very professional, and workable. I was only too happy to help this guy out and that’s exactly what I did. When the cameras began to roll I tried to get Baron to open up a little because he does come across as shy but he’s far from it.
Once the conversation was over the cameras started rolling and Baron became glued to the TV monitor playing the pussy porn. This is always a safe zone for straight guys because they really don’t want to be looking you going to town on his dick but when the oral is exceptionally good, well, they tend to draw their attention towards the action going on with their cocks.. Baron was no different.
Baron has a healthy 6 inch cut cock that is beautiful to look at but more importantly get my lips wrapped around it. The blow job was definitely good for me as I began to slowly lick this boy all over that luscious crotch of his. Like every other straight out there.. they like to shave the crotch! I tell him all the time DON’T but they say girls like its smooth and clear of hair… oye vey!
I told him to let it grow out for the next shoot because I definitely want this stud back in front of my cameras soon. Watch as I deliver a blowjob to this stud that really makes him fall to his knees, so to speak, and gives me a load that I was damn near close to taking down the hatch but.. I digress! Enjoy!