ClubAmateurUSA – CAUSA 595 Davis

As we continue the month-long celebration of CAUSA’s 14th anniversary, I decided to bring in Davis (Chaturbate’s “Dave Slick”). Beyond his genuine spirit & willingness to allow me to push his boundaries in terms of direct prostate stimulation, there’s also the fact that Davis has the prettiest penis – as I’ve previously mentioned. Now, I did drag him in while he wasn’t feeling 100% (the Fall allergy season in the Valley of the Sun can be a nightmare), but that didn’t prevent him from one helluva intense sexperience. It was rather fantastical to watch his pretty penis expand & throb when I rested the vibrators directly against his prostate. And Mr. Riley, I do believe that I created a new CAUSA patented move, the “Joy-Stick Shift,” while re-introducing Davis to his Magic Button – that had him creaming. 🙂