BreederFuckers – Johan Gets His Feet Tickled


It’s not often you find a straight boy with feet as sexy as Johan’s – and we’re going to enjoy this to the full. He’s ticklish as fuck, and we’ve discovered that the slightest touch to his feet makes him squirm and gasp.
Colin pins the fucker down while I immobilise him by the ankles and begin what will turn into one of the most unbearable torments Johan’s ever experienced. As my prying fingers begin to stroke his soles, he finds himself giggling uncontrollably, coupled with an angry series of muffled curses through his gag.
After we tie him up, Johan soon discovers he can’t avoid the agonizing tickles, no matter how much he tries to fling his body about and flip his feet back and forth. There’s no escape. His convulsions of laughter come in sobs and gasps, in between increasingly desperate swearing.
Even when my fingers aren’t actually touching him, Johan giggles and yelps, terrified of the inevitable creeping fingers so close to his vulnerable soles. I have fun scratching and poking his feet too, each touch eliciting increasingly loud sobs of laughter. When Colin takes a turn, Johan’s screams reach fever pitch and he almost passes out…