BreederFuckers – Johan Drugged & Stripped Naked

As Johan’s trying to wash his hands, Colin sticks him with a syringe, and in seconds, the boy’s out for the count. We swiftly descend on his vulnerable little body, yanking his shirt up and grabbing greedily at his naked flesh.

Under his overalls, Johan’s got an attractive lean, smooth body. But we don’t just want to look at this gorgeous stud. We’re going to taste and enjoy every dirty little crevice, every private hole, every single hair on this straight boy.

Ripping off Johan’s boots, we both drink in the smell of his feet – Colin holds the boot over his face and takes a deep whiff, while I get busy removing and sucking the boy’s sweaty socks. We spend a good long time tonguing and chewing on those beautiful feet – with the lad out cold and unable to struggle, it’s the perfect time to indulge those pervy urges.

After licking every drop of straight boy sweat from Johan’s moist armpits, and giving his nipples a thorough sucking, I decide this boy’s arse needs breaking in. While Colin holds his arsecheeks open, I gob on the hairy little hole, and cram half my finger in.

But Johan’s virgin hole is so tight, I have to rim him for a while to get him wet enough to really stretch him up. By the time I’ve finished, I’ve got two of my thick fingers holding his hole so wide, I can spit right into it. Straight boys are so much more relaxed when they’re asleep – and this one’s in for a shock when he wakes up…