Bentley Race has just turned 18 – Part 3

Well that really snuck up on me. I had no idea that when I started taking nude photos to post on the web in 1999 I would still be doing it 18 years later, and on a much larger scale. For those of you who don’t know, I started the first Bentley Race website in 1999 to promote myself as an escort here in Melbourne, Australia. I wasn’t such a good escort, but I did enjoy taking the photos. So I kept going with it.
The first website was called the Bentley Race DIY Homepage. A site dedicated to me sucking my own dick. And the quality of the photography was terrible back then. A couple of years later I started getting a few mates involved. I started added videos, and suddenly I was meeting a lot of horny local guys wanting to come around and play with me on camera. Then about 10 years ago I also started travelling around the world and meeting some very sexy guys (some of them already porn stars) who would come back to my hotel for shoots. My weekend hobby in my bedroom evolved in to something I really didn’t expect. It still surprises me when I hear guys from the other side of the world say they have seen my photos or checked out the website.
Some of the guys who have appeared on the site really didn’t think many people would see them. So I wanted to send you a big thank you for supporting the site and my photography. I know I don’t always choose the right guys or get the best out of the guys. But I’m always working to improve. It was very hard to choose because there has been so many guys and so many shoots.
What a great experience this been! Thank You.