TickledHard – JC Tickled and Sucked Dry

20-year-old JC doesn’t like being tickled and is nervous about Franco doing it. When the tickling begins, JC tries to breathe deep and hold in his reactions, but he’s definitely having a hard time doing it. Franco tickles his armpits, sides and stomach, causing JC to force out a kind of soft, crying-like laughter. JC squirms and pulls away as much as he can, but there’s no way for him to get free. Franco tickles his knee and foot, then blows raspberries on his sides. He blindfolds JC to heighten the sensation and tickles his size 12 1⁄2 feet with a nubby brush. JC flexes his toes and arches his back while his big, uncut cock starts to stiffen. Franco notices and tickles JC’s inner thighs and hamstrings while toying with his hard dick. JC thrusts deeply into Franco’s mouth and moans as Franco edges him and swallows all his seed. Then, with an evil laugh, Franco tortures JC’s cock, rubbing it between his hands and up and down JC’s thigh. Now that JC has shot his load, he’s even more sensitive to the tickling. Franco climbs on top and tickles JC’s pits and sides while his face turns red. JC struggles breathlessly, but with Franco on top of him, all he can do is beg and cry until the tickle torture comes to an end.