SouthernStrokes – Alex Knight and Jake B

This was one of the most anticipated pairings of the weekend. Alex Knight and Jake B have been fucking around off camera all weekend so I thought we better get them together. I think what made this more exciting was that you have Alex who loves sex and knows his way around a man’s body, paired with innocent Jake who’s just cuming out of his shell. It was a gorgeous day in the mountains so we decided to have them fuck out on the deck. We tossed a mattress on the floor and naked Jake and Alex started making out. That was all either of them needed to get their cocks to swell. After Alex worshiped Jake’s cock a while, Alex was ready to have Jake take his cock. Jake got on top and sat his tight pink hole on Alex’s huge throbbing cock. Jake’s hole was so tight it grabbed hold of Alex’s cock until Alex was about to explode inside him. Jake took that big piece of meat all the way. Alex wanted to let it rip and pound Jake’s ass but he held back so he could get a good fuckin himself. Alex took his turn taking it up the ass, riding Jake reverse cowgirl style and loving every second. They made their way around the deck, including a hot fuck session in a wooden rocking chair, out for all of nature to see! Jake finally stood Alex up against the rock wall and pounded away until Alex shot a huge load all over my camera, and me…just one of the benefits of this line of work! Dirty Alex then sucked Jake off until he shot a thick load in Alex’s mouth and all over his face. Be sure to stick around and listen to the confessional at the end. It priceless!