MilitaryClassified – JANTZEN 2

Today is a special day because Jantzen has returned and I’ve managed to convince this stud into bringing his old Dress Blues and wear them for this shoot. He looked might fine when he was in complete uniform and that made me even hornier for his uncut cock and a blowjob soon ensued, Watch as Jantzen shows up the raw reactions to a blowjob that left him breathless! I hook him in for the next step… that’s right up my ass! soon!
When Jantzen arrived at my studios he brought dress blues with him and after we got all the paperwork out of the way and we negotiated the blowjob I asked him to get into the uniform so we can take some photos with the digital camera. These turned out great! Check the out! Today’s blowjob is unique in a certain way because its been a while since I sucked a cock as mean as I did for this boy… the reaction is priceless!
Once the cameras were rolling I wasted no time in getting down on my knees and begin to worship this boy licking every part of the cock region making my way to the base of his uncut 8 incher and I was in love! I made him sit back, spread his legs, put his arms back and enjoy the porn while I took care of business and that’s what we did. I could tell that Jantzen was nervous but I know guys seem to think the money will be enough to justify the action but sometimes… it doesn’t. Today it did.. Thank God!
This blowjob was pretty good If I do say so myself and while Jantzen laid back on the bed with his eyes to the porn, I began to suck his cock and show Jantzen the talents of a male versus a female. Jantzen was impressed. In fact I remember him telling me that he wasn’t sure he would even get an erection but he’ll give it a try anyway and see. He Impressed me for sure today!
Jantzen delivered a load and a reaction that was really quite interesting because he didn’t say very much but his expressions while nutting were priceless! I’m pretty sure Jantzen was taken by surprise as he busted a nut he wasn’t even expecting to bust, let a lone get an erection! Lol..I think he handled the business today! I think you’ll agree.