BaitBuddies – Straight: Bo Hendrixx Bait: Patrick Ridge

It’s been a minute since we’ve had Patrick Ridge sitting on the couch but now that his bills are getting bigger, he needs more cash. Patrick also likes guys that are taller than him but at 6’1”, this tends to pose a problem. But, Patrick isn’t one to give up and neither is Caruso, so Caruso went right to work trying to find the perfect match.

Bo Hendrixx is that perfect match. This guy is amazing from head to toe! Bo is 6’5”, 215lbs of pure beef, he has blond hair with green eyes, and has a fat 9” cock! This guy is a beast and a sexy one at that! Bo knows all to well how good he looks and that’s why he’s here. He says he’s good looking and has a big dick! All of that is true but he’s also single and exremely horny!

Caruso tells both studs to get their dicks hard while he steps out to check on the female talent. Once again, the girl can’t make it. Bo didn’t take the news very well and after hearing that he is also a boxer, everyone was hoping that he didn’t get too pissed off. Caruso doubled the offer and talked Bo into giving it a shot. Patrick was excited but also nervous at the thought of Bo shoving that giant cock up his ass! But, it all worked out and everyone left the studio feeling good!