MilitaryClassified – GRIFFIN 2

GRIFFIN is back and he’s itching for another blowjob from Rob and the cash offered just help seal the deal once again. This former Naval Seabee with his lean slightly hairy body oozes manliness and today he’s taking Rob on another test drive and comes to realize that Rob’s head is about the best he’s ever had. Watch the expression on Griffin’s face when he delivers the package!
Griffin travels from quite a distance to see Rob. He makes his way from the northern part of the San Fernando Valley…. yep porn country. He takes the Metro Rail and it drops him off about 20 minutes from my studios and presto… Griffin sits in my bedroom with his legs spread wide open, butt naked, and his cock slightly fluffy and starting to find its way to a hard on and in a big hurry.
Griffin wasted no time in producing a rager that Rob handled like the pro that he is. Griffin has hairy balls and Rob loved sliding his tongue all around those bushy balls, driving him crazy, then working my way up to the beautiful stem of a cock that fit nicely down my throat…. and balls deep. Griffin was in hog heaven and when we got into it a little bit, Griffin stood up and continued his barrage of throat slamming thrusts choking Rob recklessly.
The battle ensued and I sat him back down on the bed and Rob was determined to take this boy all the way to an orgasm and Rob wasn’t looking back. Griffin was becoming more and more fidgety and uneasy as he knew he was reaching a point of no return and control for Griffin was quickly fading away as Rob bombed Griffin’s cock with mouth and hand combination that he could no longer hold back from.
Finally, Griffin was in a position that he could no longer hold back and he gave Rob that warning he loves to hear from his boys. Rob has learned how to milk that delivery, almost edging the load before it actually popped out of his cock and what an explosion! Griffin delivered one of his best orgasms to date. Love this one!