BrutalTops – Master Nick & Master Derek – ORAL CHOKING SAILOR BRUTES


After weeks at sea two horny sailors at BrutalTops are ready for some fun, turning slutty sub martin into their bitch. Cropping his ass till it glows red, they use his mouth as a urinal, making him clean any spilt piss from their feet, toes and boots with his tongue. Derek hasn’t showered today; Bending forward he spreads his ass cheeks ready for detailing, ordering the sub to dig deep into his sweaty crack and dirty sphincter with its tongue.

Made to suck his Master’s cocks to full erection, martin may be thinking he’s in for a reward. Tears stream down the sorry looking cunts face as each Master grips his head and pushes their cock deep into the back of his throat, fucking his face and making him chuck up phlegm.