SouthernStrokes – Donnie

We found this 21 year old California surfer hanging out in South Georgia and by the powers of persuasion and the all mighty dollar, Donnie agreed to make his way to us so that he could take off his clothes and show us all of his rocking body. Donnie is super laid back so we sat him down and chatted with him for a while. Our cameras couldn’t help buy focus in on Donnie’s guns just waiting to bust out of his tight shirt. That wasn’t the only thing ready to bust out of Donnie’s clothes. Donnie stood up and took off his shirt showing off his trim ripped abs and a nice pumped up chest with and nice tuft of hair covering it all. Donnie stood up and undid his belt so his pants could fall to the ground. Donnie was freeballing it, so his manhood jumped out as his pants dropped. Donnie grabbed a hold of his big fat cock and started stroking it as he teased his hairy hole. Donnie start to breath heavy and he opened up his legs wide and nutted a creamy load of straight cum all over his hot ripped body.