MilitaryClassified – JAG

Jag, as he’s known to his friends is a tall, lean and smooth straight stud I met online of course. His father was in the military and in fact, his family comes from a military background. He’s got dark hair and eyes that give credit to the expression… tall, dark and handsome. Even better than that is the HUGE surprise I was dealt when this dude dropped his shorts and unleashed a confirmed “weapon of mass destruction.” Measuring in at 9.5 TRUE inches, cut beautifully with probably the biggest nuts I’ve seen on a young guy, I literally bowed down to this guy’s meat and gave him one of the best blowjobs I’ve performed thus far.
He’s kind of a rebel of sorts because he’s been on his own since a very young age. He loves to fuck girls in just about any position but claims his favorite is when she rides on top. He explains that in that position he can really jam it in with the full force of his schlong causing optimum damage. Jag is very proud of his cock and with good reason because I can guarantee that when those clothes comes off, he commands full attention of any one within striking distance of that piece. I was no different to be quite honest. I had a few words with the guy before we got down to business and the interview I would say went rather well.
He talked about girls, positions, some experiences and how they all played out in his sexual life. Next I asked him to take off his clothes and get comfortable watching the porn and that’s when I was introduced to Jag’s huge dick. My mouth literally dropped as I tried hard to seem very non-schalaunt about his cock but I could tell he was definitely looking for a reaction from me. I knelt down in front of Jag with his long soft penis that was at least 5 inches long flacid and couldn’t keep my eyes off of it.
I began licking this boy around those lovely balls making his dick twitch from the erotic sensation my wet tongue was giving. I took one of his balls in my mouth and then the other and soon I was gargling both his nuts in my mouth at the same time. I next moved on to the shaft of that increasingly growing dick that by now was starting to almost “raise from the dead” as he got longer and longer. I began to take the head of his cock along with a few inches of his shaft deep down my throat and that’s all he needed before he blossomed to a full 9.5 inches in length with a 6 inch circumference.
I must say that this was one of the few mammoth cocks I’ve had the pleasure to suck on. I was challenged by Jag’s cock and of course you all know I love a challenge, so I stepped up to the plate and literally removed any mental notions that would make me gag and I just plummeted down on his cock and literally took it deep down my throat which made him go crazy. He’s never had anyone take him as deep as I did which resulted in Jag busting one of the biggest nuts he’s discharged in a long while he claimed. I think I would agree with him. Check it out!