MilitaryClassified – BRANDO 4

BRANDO has returned and I’ve cleaned up this boy and put him in a uniform to see how he looked…. DAMN! Today Brando has returned for literally a piece of Rob’s ass. Something completely new for this straight boy, Brando learns what the ass of a guy feels like as he delivers his straight load raw! Watch as Rob takes on BRANDO in a match made in porn!
When Brando arrived at my studios I was pretty excited because I had these uniforms from old shoots that literally belonged to former military. The cammies fit Brando perfectly and before long I had the cameras rolling and I was impressed. We got some great photos in our first picture shoot and when the cameras started rolling, I had Brando kicking back on my bed watching some porn as I made my way to his crotch to begin my work.
Brando has that wonderful 7 inch uncut mammoth meat that was waving proudly in the air as I began to lick and suck that stick until it was rock hard and ready for… well you know. It was as nasty and quick as it can be as Brando tried to shove his cock up my ass with difficulty. Brando was primed and ready for my ass so I stood up and bent over my bed waiting for the intrusion.
Brando slipped into straight mode and when he was my ass there waiting he delivered his cock and began what became a pounding from a horny straight guy. Brando demonstrated why I prefer to get fucked by straight guys because they really get into their work. Fucking is what makes them straight because there’s nothing like pounding pussy to them and this not only tighter but gay’s guys give it up way more often that a girl will.
In the end Brando delivered what was probably his best scene so far and with it a load that was sure to be remembered. Brando fucked me doggie style for quite some time before he eventually began to give me the warning that he was about to cum. Within minutes he was started to tense up and shift his body as he was about to cum! and Cum he did! This is one of my fav’s of Brando.