BrutalTops – Master Dave & Master Mike – GET YOUR TONGUE UP OUR FILTHY ARMY ARSEHOLES!


In their army uniforms, Master Dave and Master Mike drag in pathetic new sub jonah who fights back feebly but is soon stripped naked after a beating.

Sadistic Mike treats the naked worm-like sub as though he’s nothing and screams discipline harshly into his face, destroying the last of his willingness to fight back against them. Reduced to a submissive slave the naked chubby cur is made to kneel with arms held high above his head as the tops tie his cock and balls painfully back to his ankles.

They make him squirm on the floor as he has to kiss and lick their filthy boots before removing their stinking socks. The damaged sub is ordered to push his tongue in between the sweaty toes of both sneering Masters. Once the Masters pull off their trousers, the distraught sub is pulled upright and has to smear his face into each of their rears. His tongue rubs up and down their rancid arseholes. We get a close-up of his quivering mouth making contact with each of the Tops’ rose-red holes.

To completely humiliate the defeated sub, Master Dave finally forces a buttplug up him, kicking him for good measure, before flipping him over and pissing all over him. There is nothing the sub can do as his mouth is filled with urine and Master Mike joins in too. The pathetic wreck gets a thorough soaking – by the end he is drenched with odorous piss.