BeefCakeHunter – Triple H Jacobo Returns

Triple H Jacobo returns, triple “H” (as a handsome, hairy and hung) Beefcake is back to drill my ass once more!

It has been several months since we haven’t had Beefcake Jacobo at BeefCakeHunter Land! And we are already missing him, right Hunters? So that is why I got so excited to lay my hands on him once again!

The triple H Jacobo returns video is all about worshipping this sexy man and pleasing many requests expected to happen in this encounter with him. Like licking his legs and feet for longer, and playing with his nipples. I certainly spent a lot of time tendering Jacobo before I actually put his big cock in my mouth, and you could tell that Jacobo was due proper cock worshipping. After all, his last BJ was six months ago, and guess who was the good Samaritan?… Me LOL

Another welcomed petition came alive when I finally got to eat Beefcake Jacobo’s ass, I know many Hunters have been waiting for this…. you’re welcome! And it was a long rimming this time!

My ass was so eager to get that big cock inside me, that as soon I was on my fours, my ass practically fucked it with my “metralleta” move, but don’t worry, it was just for a few seconds. After that Jacobo slowly began to fuck me; fast, and then slow. You can also get a view of his behind while he was banging my man-pussy, as always good and I couldn’t get enough of him!

After slowing it down a couple of times for him not to cum too early, Jacobo finally laid on my back while he kept fucking me. I knew he wanted to cum so bad, so I let him finish just there, just right. No other positions, I wanted him to enjoy himself even more on this occasion, and the reward was so creamy and abundant that I felt it on my butt. I rushed myself to go around and get the last drops of his precious cum … yummy!

He said it was good at the end, and I hope it is good for you too Hunters! Enjoy Triple H Jacobo returns video!