BeefCakeHunter – Getting another Turkish Cum Shower

Getting another Turkish cum shower from Beefcake Ron early in the morning is all I need to start my day!

Thanks to all the likes and comments of the first video with this sexy Turkish Beefcake, that kept me inspired and more persuasive than ever. That made it possible to get Ron back at BeefCakeHunter Land! And for nothing more than to plunge my tight cherry (yes, believe or not, it is tight ok?) lol

After our first shoot on Turkish cum shower, Ron was supposed to come back early in the morning the next day, to shoot the fuck scene, but that same night he wrote to me that he couldn’t do it. The scene itself was not a problem, just the fact that he may be exposed, he was like: “you know, one thing is getting a BJ from a gay guy, another thing is to fuck him… sorry, I can’t do it”. I was so frustrated of not getting another Turkish cum shower, and after seeing how much the Hunters love him, I was even more persistent. I kept doing my duty and I finally got him for the fuck scene, thanks to all the Hunters’ prayers! ?

Beefcake Ron showed again a nice attitude and he is happy that he has fans. It was also pleasant to notice that he let his pubic hair grow to please us, it is like he knew that he would be back… lol

While wandering around on his chest during my servicing to his rather hard cock, I was thinking about the 3 days load in store for us. Then I sucked him standing up and lying on the bed where it was easier for me to go around his body, especially for those delicious nipples… hmm

On my fours I took his manhood inside me for a slow pounding, his movements weren’t as dramatic like I was expecting from him, but his whole masculinity and hard cock made up for that, so I can’t complain

At the end after a harder pounding, Beefcake Ron took his cock out of my hole and jerked off, I stayed put, delighted just to getting another Turkish cum shower, a sexy Turk man money-shot that for sure is worth it!