TwinksinShorts – Danny Chris and Jonathan Strake

Ever lust after your brother’s best friend? Or maybe you drooled at the thought of being manhandled by your father’s buddy? Or maybe you had a thing for your neighbor’s dad? Regardless of the ageplay fantasy you may have had, it’s about to come true! Jonathan Strake is a slight twink with a petite frame. Slender and pretty to look at, he looks tiny and boyish beside Danny Chris, who’s a massive hunk of a man. Danny invites Jonathan to his bed and after getting his hands slippery with oil, Danny starts to work on the twink’s back. He works out a couple of kinks before sliding those big hands down Jonathan’s back and into his shorts. With the twink’s head between his legs, Danny uses his bulk to keep Jonathan in place, teasing the young man by rubbing his crotch all over his head and cupping Jonathan’s perky ass. You can almost feel Danny’s strong, powerful grip as he kneads Jonathan but you’ll no doubt get an erection because the contrast between these two is just THAT hot. And when Danny starts playing with Jonathan’s sweet pink hole you’ll swear you’ll feel your own butthole spasm, thinking — or maying wishing — that you were lucky Jonathan! Round and round that finger goes, applying pressure on the tender opening then sliding in almost all the way, probing gently. Danny finger fucks Jonathan before flipping him over to play with his cum-filled balls and give the twink a handjob. The scene then takes an almost romantic twist with an intimate, sensual moment of kissing and mutual masturbation. Danny’s cock is huge in Jonathan’s small hand as the two work towards climax. But this is about Jonathan, his needs, and his desire to release some stress. How can Danny possibly say no to such a cute and adorable twink?