ChaosMen – Jalen Solo

Jalen was a lot of fun to work with.

He drove over to the studio to check and make sure the shoot was legit. He wouldn’t send any nudes, so we setup an interview. He brought along some extra clothes just in case, and instead of an interview, we just shot the video.

He whipped out his dick, which was already getting hard, so we were good to go. I could have waited a bit for his pubes to grow back, but he was there and raring to go, so we started shooting.

He was super horny, and he relaxed quickly in front of the cameras.

Jalen has a big Italian uncut sausage on him, and with his smaller stature, he looks super hung. It is a super-hot cock, that was constantly dripping pre-cum. He plays with it often, so if you love guys who ooze pre-cum, you will enjoy him playing with it.

He says he is Bi, but he definitely seems more into guys right now. For him to cum, I put a series of guys getting creampie’d on the screen, and that totally put him over the top.

He shoots out ropes of cum, and looks thoroughly exhausted, yet satisfied with the mess he made!