BadPuppy – Nick Vargas & Justin Fisher

Nick Vargas walks in on Justin Fisher napping on the bed, apparently dreaming of something naughty. Nick wakes Justin, lets him know that he’s all horned up and that he wants to make love to him right then and now. Nick grabs the bulge in Justin’s underwear, pulls back the shorts and is blown away with just how really big Justin’s cock is. They both quickly strip naked and start kissing and sucking passionately; squirming all over the bed. After some intense foreplay, Nick pushes Justin’s legs back, and slowly pushes his cock deep into Justin’s waiting hole. The ass pounding continues until Justin takes control; sitting himself down on top of Nick’s rock hard cock. Justin starts riding Nick’s cock and jerking his own at the same time. Nick; really getting into Justin’s ass, thrusts his cock harder and faster from below. In the final heat of passion; with Justin wildly riding Nick’s cock, Justin starts spraying jizz all over himself and the bed. He climbs off Nicks cock and immediately swallows it working out every last tasty drop of his creamy, thick jizz.