MenOver30 – My New Wood Shop – Jace Chambers, Kacey Jones

Jace has brought his boyfriend Kacey to the new warehouse space he has rented to build his Wood Shop. The space is filled with junk, but Jace tells Kacey that he got a good deal on the rental because he is going to clear it out for the landlord. Soon the conversation turns to sex and Jace wants to spice up their relationship and have sex right there. Kacey agrees and they start making out with each other. Jace gets down on his knees first and begins sucking Kacey’s cock. Kacey doesn’t want to cum yet so he starts sucking on Jace’s long dick. Jace has Kacy climb up on a table and he rims and fingers his ass. Kacey’s balls dangle in front of Jace as he rims deeper into that smooth sexy ass. He then bends Kacey over the table and fucks him long and deep. After a while both climb up on the table and Jace continues to fuck him in a couple more positions until Jace cannot hold back further and he pulls out and shoots his load which make Kacey blasts his soon after.

28 Apr