CFNM – Men of CFNM

Looking through, we’ve been picking out some of our favorite naked men. We consider here some of the hottest men to be exposed.
Ian is blackmailed into exposing himself and is forced to perform a sexy show in cute bunny ears in ‘Breakdown’.
Naïve Donny auditions to be a stripper wearing a sexy pink thong and puts on a man on man sex show for groups of women in ‘Whatever It Takes’
Simon is cornered the women’s toilets at a nightclub where he’s stripped and anally violated in ‘Out of Order’
Hairy athletic student Liam is turned into a model for a biology lesson and made to cum in ‘Schoolboy Punished for Peeping’
Tom becomes the focus of every bad girl’s fantasy when his school uniform is disposed of and he grows a mighty erection in ‘Detention for Bad Girls’
Schoolboy Bradley is severely punished with a hard spanking by the female doctor and nurse for beating up another male student in ‘Bully Gets His Comeupance’
Who do you think is the sexiest man to be stripped at