BrutalTops – Master Derek – I’M GONNA MAKE YOU DRINK MY PISS!


Sadistic Master Derek treats his feeble sub elliott harshly at BrutalTops. To start we find the pathetic sub completely nude, feeble and alone in the middle of the floor. When chavy psycho Master Derek enters he first orders the sub to strip off his clothes. With belt in hand and a sneer on his lips, the now naked Master orders the sub to lick the Master’s rancid, sweat-covered feet.

The sub murmurs complaints but the Master ignores these and grabs a massive, thick dildo which he rams into the back of the sub’s mumbling mouth. Elliott gags on the length of the dildo and it makes him vomit, all over himself and the floor. Then the sub has to sit on the dildo as the Master orders him to reverse himself onto it until it’s entire length is deeply embedded up his asshole. Visibly pained by this massive the dildo, the sub then has to endure the humiliation of the Master pissing into his mouth. The sub has to swallow some of the vile liquid as the snarling top orders him to drink every drop of the urine which hasn’t already dribbled down his chin.