BreederFuckers – Suited Lad Yuris Stripped & Bound


Yuris comes to us again desperate for money. He’s all suited up like a salesman but the only thing we want from this kinky straight fucker is his fit manly body and to use his pert muscular arse. We’re going to make this hetero wish he’d never come crawling back to us. It’s sexy stripping him down slowly and binding him in ropes. By the time he escapes it will be too late. With his nipples clamped he can be led around for slave training. Any lagging behind causes the most acute excruciating pain in those perky little nips. Dave pulls on the chain while Adrian slaps his big full balls. He’s bent over with his arsehole flashed for the whole world to see. When the clamps are removed from his nipples they are so tender that the smallest tweak makes the sorry fucker moan. Stark naked and in bondage on the floor he wriggles pathetically trying to free himself. The ball gag stuffed in his mouth makes him droll something awful so his slobber runs down his chest. What a sorry sight! How quickly we’ve turned this respectable young businessman to a whimpering slag! We steal all his manly dignity by turning him into a pathetic naked slave trussed up and ready for a spit roasting.