BreederFuckers – Suited Lad Rob Arrives For His Interview


Scrubbed clean and suited, Rob arrives for his initial interview for a job at Walker Swallow Money Management. This bright young straight man is eager to get a steady job so he can settle down to start a family. But we have other plans for him. Adrian and Dave get chummy with him talking about his sporting interests and how he likes to get dirty with his girlfriend. Rob feels confident about his prospects relating to the guys on such a friendly level. The mood quickly changes when Rob is restrained. Groping his horny bulge over his tight trousers really gets the pervy men excited. His arms are bound tightly and his clean suit is ruined as his clothes are roughly stripped away to reveal his warm hairy body. Rob’s eager cock is gently stroked till the horny bugger can’t help but get a big stiffy. But this isn’t about his pleasure.
His erection stinks of nasty cunt so he is given a firm lashing with a belt as discipline. He’s trained in how to be a submissive office slave with his sensitive nipples and long silky foreskin clamped. This keeps him in place so Adrian and Dave can use his tight warm asshole. His sphincter is opened with their bare fingers sliding in and out of his ass. His hole is then stretched wide with a fat dildo shoved up him. He moans pathetically, but he’s given firm orders by his new supervisor Dave to keep sticking his ass out for use. At the same time his pale bum cheeks are given a vicious lashing. Rob will need to spend his full 8 hour workday in this position from now on. The work will be long and hard, but we see this young professional having a bright future!