BreederFuckers – Sexy Tatted Boy Dan Stripped & Flogged


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We lash Dan’s back and arse making him howl like a fucking banshee. His nipples are clamped making him tense all over knowing with the slightest tug we can cause him the most intense pain of his life! This humbles this straight cunt right away! Now he’s grovelling and begging as he should. With his pert little bum glowing red from his beating it’s hard to resist. We press our bulges against his tight manly arse crack and order him to grind back on us. Dan’s tight bumhole is stretched wide open with a thick dildo. The naive prick thinks by saying sorry everything will be made better. But now that we’ve filled his arse and clamped his genitals we’re going to leave him to mull over his new lowly position.