BreederFuckers – Kevin Strapped To The Discipline Bench & Fucked


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Kevin writhes on the bench in agony at having his precious balls now literally on a leash as his pieced scrotum is attached to his toes. Now he is pinned down, trapped in place fearful of ripping the piercing out. The desperate straight man now begs to suck cock and takes each man’s girth in his mouth in turn. His mouth is filled with the sharp tang of men’s cocks. At the same time his arsehole is spread and impaled with a big fat dildo. The big tough guy is fucked at both ends, now utterly tamed and compliant. If he can’t suck properly he’s going to be spanked and penetrated all the deeper. Dave fucks his big manly rump and sprays his seed all over his aching sloppy hole. Now we own this fucker’s body.