BreederFuckers – Experienced Aiden Gets His Clothes Ripped Off


Experienced Aiden may look innocent but he is a horny dirty-minded straight bastard. We’ve beaten and viciously screwed him on BreederFuckers before because he’s always desperate for cash, but he’s disgusted by rough gay action. We tempt him back in thinking he’s going to get a nice easy shoot, but we love to fuck with straight boy’s minds as well as their bodies. He’s lulled into a false sense of security by Dave’s macho guy talk about what gets him horny and submitting to being tied “just for a test”.
Once his arms and legs are bound, Dave tears the clothes off him leaving him totally exposed. Aiden’s tight butt cheeks are wrenched apart to expose his tempting hole. He mouths off, but is silenced when Dave delivers swift punches to his stomach. Spread over a fucking block with his legs in the air his arse is exposed and his foreskin is bound to his toes so he can’t move without doing serious damage to himself. Now his arsehole and glans are both temptingly on show. A big fat fucking dildo is rammed up his resistant arsehole making Aiden’s face bright red.
Dave makes him beg to suck his cock or Aiden’s arse will be relentlessly screwed all day. That big hard cock stabs the back of his throat so hard Aiden gags and rivers of saliva pour from his mouth. Aiden squirms and jerks away from servicing that dick. Now it’s time for his real punishment! Suspended in place he gasps and struggles for every breath. This stupid fucking straight cunt now belongs to us!