BreederFuckers – Cocky Lad George Gets Flogged

When hetero George first arrived at BreederFuckers he was full of confidence and swagger, bragging he could do anything in order to make as much money as possible. He fancies himself as the supreme ladies’ man. Today he’s put to the ultimate test as he’s put through an S&M session that will be seared on his mind forever. He’s tied and shackled in place so he can’t get away while being pervily groped all over. His shirt is shredded to reveal his manly hairy chest. When the men grab for his cock he angrily twists away. Dave angrily wrestles him in place and the men aggressively kiss him sliding their wet tongues all over his lips and bristly face. Adrian teases his cock and manipulates it till he can’t stop himself from getting a stiffy. They mock his hard on and smack it to make George wince and writhe in pain. His tight white pants are wedged between his arse cheeks to press against his tight hole. While his pants are riding high up his crack Dave takes a flogger to George’s hairy cheeks. He lashes his torso until it’s flaming red. To keep him from thrashing around so much a hook is fitted up his rectum and pegs are fitted all up his body including his sore nipples. Adrian gives him a good hard lashing while George must remain stock still and take the endless punishment.