BreederFuckers – Arrogant Lad George Bound & Fucked

One way to break down an arrogant thick-headed hetero is to turn him into an animal. At BreederFuckers, George is stripped naked and has his arms and legs bound so he can do no more than crawl across the floor. Dave gives him a long humiliating session of dog training where he must inch his way across the floor chasing after a toy. A butt plug with a tail is lodged up his rectum to wiggle enticingly as he makes the arduous journey back and forth across the room. Being so low on the ground, kicked in the arse when he disobeys and ordered to do a series of demeaning tasks drives into George’s thick skull that he only exists to be sexually subservient to other men. Like a really dirty dog he’s made to wedge his face between a man’s arse cheeks to smell his stinking hole. After some time the sight of him on the ground with his bum stuck up in the air becomes too much. Dave and Adrian relentlessly screw his hairy arsehole till he’s thoroughly beaten and crying. They ejaculate all over his furry anus and back so he’ll be covered in the funky scent of cum for weeks.