BreederFuckers – Aiden Bound On The Discipline Bench


It’s sexy simply watching Aiden struggle in his submissive position. His wrists and legs and locked to the discipline bench which makes his sexy arse stick up in the air. Stripped down to his thin white pants which barely cover his tender arsehole, he struggles pointlessly against his restraints. He’s defiant and angry, but he’s also fucking terrified which you can tell by the way his little toes wiggle in panic. Dave presents him with his hard cock and orders him to suck, but Aiden refuses. The only way to make this hetero fucktard learn is to break his will. Dave spanks, lashes and canes his bum till it’s burning in pain. His arse is turned from a pristine lily white valley to a raging red mound. He’s taken to the physical edge so that he now pitifully begs to suck that big hard cock. Having ruined his arse, Dave now fucks hard. A fresh load of spunk is shot into Aiden’s stretched mouth while he clenches his eyes shut. Feeling the sperm slide down his throat Aiden continues to struggles against his restraints but there is no escape.