BrutalTops – Master Wayne – DRINK DOWN MY SMELLY PISS!


Suited and booted Master Wayne returns to BrutalTops and finds pathetic naked sub elliott waiting to be treated like shit. In the corner of an office he quivers as the sadistic Master begins his onslaught against him.

The sub is on his knees and meekly licks the feet of the Master. Ordered to remove Wayne’s clothes the sub reveals the Master’s impressive bulge and firm body. He is then ordered to suck Wayne’s feet and the top rams his long smelly toes into the back of his sub’s mouth. Elliott murmurs his objections quietly to himself.

Hearing these noises, the top uses a huge dildo which he rams into the back of the worm’s mouth and makes him ream on it. The worm wretches as it bashes against the back of his throat but the top refuses to stop this harsh treatment. Eventually, the sub can take this no more and throws up all over the floor.

This excites the Mater who then orders the sad sub to push the puke-covered dildo up his foul asshole. Wayne then whips out his dick and pisses into the sub’s mouth. Looking defeated and powerless, the sub has no alternative but to swallow the rancid liquid. With belt in hand, the Top screams abuse into the face of the sub and gets him to lick his cock so that the last of the piss is removed. The sub collapses on the floor with his pathetic face smearing the mess left on the ground.