BreederFuckers – Thug Sergei Tied Up & Flogged


Sergei is one feisty hetero bastard. Even though he knows there is nothing he can do to escape being strung up to the ceiling and that resistance will only earn him further punishment, he still fights us. This tough fucker attitude turns us on. His pristine body is fully on display in nothing but his tight white Y-fronts. He swears and threatens us but we’re the ones in control. Derek gives him an atomic wedgie so his pants ride so high up his ass they break against his sphincter. They hang on his body in tatters while Dave delivers him a harsh flogging. The action of the lashes causes his pants to break apart more so his cock and balls tumble out. His smooth boyish body is now blistering hot and red from the punishment.
The thought of having his ass invaded disgusts this straight bastard so we want to permanently stimulate his g-spot. A vibrator is inserted up his asshole and attached to his shackles. His sphincter and prostate are being constantly stimulated while his big meaty cock and balls are lassoed and weighted down. Derek plays a cruel game with Sergei delivering him a lashing but ordering him to remain completely silent or his torment will continue. It takes a number of goes but the tough man finally holds it in. As a special treat his dick is manipulated to the point where he grows a big fat hard on and cums for us. Sergei is a tough nut to crack, but not even the hardest hetero man can withstand submitting to our inventive and cruel sadistic treatment.