BreederFuckers – Gas Company Man Dale Gets Taught A Lesson!


Isn’t it always the way that right when you settle down to relax some pushy prick from the gas company comes nosing around? After a full day of working his baggy uniform is rich with his sweaty masculine scent. It’s impossible to resist taking a pervy look, copping a feel and stealing a sniff of this sexy blue collar stud. But this uppity cunt is so ungenerous when it comes to his body he fends off the compliment of being lusted after. Dave and Derek team up to take their pleasure from his body by seizing him and pinning him to the floor. He’s so overwhelmed he can’t stop the men from binding him and shredding his uniform. Now exposed and vulnerable he’s going to learn how much we get turned on when horny serviceman push their way through our doors.
Dale pathetically spouts homophobic insults while the men take control of his body. Dave buries his face between his arse cheeks to get a cock-stiffening scent of his virgin cunt. Those big luscious balls are so meaty and full they eagerly gobble them up trying to fit his whole package in their gobs. Tied to the ceiling there is nothing he can do to get away from the pervy groping and harsh discipline they give him. A vicious flogging convinces him to stroke Dave’s cock over his jeans as if Dale were turning into a homo. He gets an angry fingering up the arse opening his tight, warm sphincter. His body is covered in pegs so Dale is made intensely aware of every inch of his most sensitive parts. He’s left suspended and excruciating pain.