TheCastingRoom – Lee’s Second Audition

If you get off on a straight man nervously having his first gay sex this is the video for you! Big tall brutish hetero Lee is fresh to the business but fully up for trying out having his first full man on man experience for the right money. He classifies himself as totally straight but it’s a headfuck for him sometimes because he’s turned on by transsexuals. Now he’s willing to go all the way with a man for a good price, but he is timid as fuck. You can see from his flummoxed expression throughout that he doesn’t know what to feel about this raunchy gay action. However, his cock tells a totally different story! As soon as his trousers slide down his great big enormous stiff cock leaps out. This is a dick made for wrecking holes and Adrian struggles to swallow the whole thing. Bent over he spreads his arse to get a rimming. The expression of pleasure both on his face and his big throbbing cock are very visible.

That big plump cockhead produces a healthy amount of precum. He goes very quiet as his nerves are buzzing. Lee is surprised by just how sexually excited he gets having his arsehole licked. But sucking cock is a chore for him. He coughs often not because of his gag reflex but because of the mental pressure of going down on another man’s meat. Later we make him deep throat which makes him properly gag. Fucking gives him a whole new sensation and he nearly ejaculates while being screwed. Lee enjoys taking his own back filling Adrian with his giant dick. His acting needs some work but his cock is a fucking star! The most challenging part is getting his face covered in spunk as that’s a massive mental hurdle. Making this video was definitely a journey of discovery for thuggish fresher Lee!