MormonBoyz – Elder Dobrovnik & Elder Farnsworth – WORKOVER

Elder Dobrovnik could hardly stand the time between meetings with the men of the Order. Still, he was happy to have his companion, Elder Esplin, to keep him busy.

In fact, the Brethren had commanded the Elder Dobrovnik to do everything he could to help Elder Esplin remain committed to finishing his mission.

And the two had gotten to know each other very well.

But eventually the two boys were split up during transfers. The two mission APs were once again assigned to be companions. And Elder Esplin was called to be a trainer and assigned a greenie. His greenie was none other than Elder Farnsworth.

Elder Dobrovnik had met Elder Farnsworth prior to the greenie’s mission during one of his first encounters with the Order. President Ballard had first introduced them to each other… by making them fuck right in front of him!

Barely a week after transfers, Elder Esplin was called to the temple by the Brethren. Elder Dobrovnik was asked to go on splits with Elder Farnsworth so the boy would not be alone. Dobrovnik was more than happy to oblige.

This was their second meeting and the first time he’d seen him clothed. Trying to ignore the memory of the young man fucking him hard while his uncle watched–and the instant erection that came with it–Elder Dobrovnik accepted his responsibility to assume trainer responsibilities for a day.

For the most part, everything seemed to be as you’d expect of a workover split. The two talked about their experiences in the mission home, their duties, their favorite activities on P-days. Neither of them ever brought up their previous meeting, though the tension in the room was thick and heavy. To Elder Dobrovnik’s surprise, the two went to bed without any inkling of fooling around. He wondered if Elder Farnsworth even remembered that they’d fucked before!

In the morning, they continued to prepare themselves as any good Mormon boys would. As the two began their morning prayers, Dobrovnik noticed Elder Farnsworth looking up from his folded hands. Dobrovnik continued to stay focused, stopping only when he felt the greenie’s hand gently move up his ass.

Finally, Dobrovnik thought! He’d been waiting for something to happen, and it seemed that the two were going to become truly reacquainted.

Elder Dobrovnik rose up to meet Farnsworth, moving in so that their mouths touched. Farnsworth continued to move his hand up Dobrovnik’s back, gently caressing him as the two boys kissed.

It was quite the change from their previous encounter. The two embraced softly and sensually in the bright morning light, playing with each other’s garment-covered boners as they kissed. As much as Dobrovnik enjoyed feeling the young man’s cock enter him in that dark room with Ballard looking on, it was very exciting to have a private, intimate moment with the young man.

The greenie brought his mouth down to the tall Russian’s crotch, teasing his cock through his underwear. As his erection got harder, Elder Farnsworth carefully pulled it through the opening in the garment, giving him complete access. He took it into his mouth, feeling it’s soft skin and hard mass move past his lips and tongue. He couldn’t get enough of the taste of this sexy giant.

Elder Farnsworth pulled down Dobrovnik’s underwear, completely exposing his naked body. The greenie touched himself through his underwear, feeling tension build in his balls. He knew that despite the pleasure he was getting from sucking on his new companion’s hard cock, he was going to need to fuck him again.

He pulled down his own underwear, matching his partner’s nakedness, and brought his body close to him for a few soft kisses. As their hard cocks touched, Farnsworth’s desire rose to the surface. He leaned Dobrovnik back on the stool that they’d been praying on, feeling the soft hairs of his body brush against his smooth, muscular frame. Laying him flat, he could really appreciate the height difference between them, which seemed to only excite him all the more.

Dobrovnik brought his legs back, holding his knees as far into his chest as he could, lifting his ass up, presenting it to his horny partner. He readied his ass for his companion, eager to feel his cock inside him. With a few more kisses and a slow, skilled motion, Elder Farnsworth pressed his hard cock into Dobrovnik’s eager hole. The tall boy let out a moan as he felt the fullness of Farnsworth wet dick make its way inside him…

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