BentleyRace – It’s bath time for Vino Rainz

Late last year during a trip to New Zealand I met this very cute Indonesion guy by the name of Vino Rainz. We had just one day together in the city to do some shooting and have some fun. I could tell that Vino was apprehensive at first about meeting me and what was going to happen. After seeing that huge hot tub in the middle of my hotel’s bathroom, I knew it was going to be a fun shoot. Vino had brought along a cute little speedo. So he started out posing in the bathroom in the speedo. Then he suck down in the hot water in the big bath. I added some bubbles, maybe too many bubbles, so my new mate could get lathered up. Even though the light in the bathroom was not great, I was still really happy with Vino’s photos. This guy is hot! He loved showing off his bum in the bubbles and then turned around to reveal a nice fat erect cock. He was getting all excited as I continued to take his photos. Make sure you check out Vino’s jack off video that I also posted recently on the site. I really hope I will cross paths with Vino again sometime. He is so much fun to shoot with.

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