BadPuppy – Nico Sideropolus & Matt Woody

Nico Sideropolus is leaning up against an iron fence sketching a view of the park when Matt Woody happens to walk into the scene and sit on a bench right in the center of the view. Nico pauses as if in a stunned silence when he first sees Matt; but, quickly gets up, walks over and sits on the bench next to Nico. It does not take much for Nico to convince Matt to let him do a sketch of him; so, off to the studio our two young studs go. Nico sketches for a while; but, does not tell Matt that he’s finished. Instead he keeps the sketchpad on his legs between him and Matt. The sketch pad prevented Matt from seeing Nico sketch so; it was easy for Nico to replace the pencil in his hand, with his cock. After Nico jerks himself off, Matt stands up to find out what’s really going on behind the sketch pad. Let’s just say that it’s not long before their clothes are gone and Matt is on his knees with Nico’s cock ramming in and out of his mouth. Matt quickly works himself up and his cock shoots out quite the load of jizz which runs down his cock, hands and drips off his balls to the carpet. Nico drops to his knees, swallows every inch of Matt’s cock and works it into a spurting load which went everywhere. As he rubs his own cock against Matt’s legs the excitement gets to Nico and he shoots another load of jizz all over the carpet. But when Nico shoves his long, thick cock deep into Matt’s ass, that’s when the intense action begins and finishes. Nico bangs the hell out of Matt in multiple positions until Matt just cannot hold it anymore. Without even touching his cock, long streams of cum start spurting out of his cock and onto Nico’s chest. Nico pulls his cock out of Matt and starts shooting without even touching his cock; coating Matt’s cock and balls with his jizz.