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When Brad is on his collection rounds he has the appearance of an upstanding officer, but when he’s stripped down and restrained we see he’s really a wild untamed stupid beast. Now that he’s buck naked and totally vulnerable he can be fully retrained. We’re going to turn this arrogant […]

BreederFuckers – Big Lad Brad Forced To Suck Cock & ...

His boy cunt freshly evacuated, straight delivery driver Liam now has to endure a deeply humiliating fucking. There’s nothing he can do about it with all his limbs tied and a nasty electro shock collar strapped tightly to the lad’s tender bollocks. His face contorts in pain with every stroke […]

BreederFuckers – Liam Bound Up, Fucked & Pissed On

This pathetic naked sub is completely defenceless as snarling Master Edward appears, fresh from hard day on the building site where he works. The sub is commanded to lick clean the top’s filthy boots before being thrashed by Edward’s belt. With his bare arse high in the air, the prostrate […]

BrutalTops – Master Edward – LICK MY STINKING BODY AND ...

Vicious northern Master Kyle appears to cause more damage to pathetic sub peter. Kyle discovers that the runt is lashed to a door frame and he takes advantage of the worm’s powerlessness and thrashes him hard with his lash. The sadistic top enjoys dishing out this mistreatment and causes deep […]

BrutalTops – Master Kyle – SWALOW WHATEVER COMES OUT MY ...

Adrian has an exciting new project – custom videos for a very demanding clientele. But he needs models prepared to endure being debased in front of the camera with big cocks, low-hanging balls and athletic physiques. When Nick Travis intercepts a call meant for Matteo he unwittingly enters a sordid […]

CMNM – Nick & Matteo

I found a fascinating park in Prague. It looked like a place from fairy tale. It was almost magical. In the most beautiful part of the park I found a young couple smoking well it didn’t look like a cigarette… but anyway.… they were nice and open-minded. The guy had […]

CzechHunter 281

A young and shy cook came to my office searching for a new job. He had some experience so I was willing to give him a job. Not a cook job, just something in warehouse. He would make nice money there before Christmas. I had my balls full so I […]

DirtyScout 62

Czech boys are sometimes incredibly careless. This guy got a customer loan approved, went to a bank, withdrew 20 000 Crowns, and after all that trouble he lost it on the way home! He put the money in an envelope and apparently it slipped out of his pocket. I’m serious. […]

DebtDandy 171

Darryl may look like a straight-laced ordinary man, but he’s got a really perverse mind and an insatiable sexual appetite. The audition would have taken the entire day if I’d allowed him to list all the kinks and fetishes he’s into. Primarily he’s a willing and eager bottom looking to […]

TheCastingRoom – Darryl