Because Elder Xanders betrayed The Order by revealing its secrets, President Oaks and Bishop Angus have decided to punish the tiny boy in the dark temple basement. Stripped naked, blindfolded, spanked, and pounded raw by both older, bigger men, little Elder Xanders will never violate their trust again.

MormonBoyz – Disciplinary Action – Elder Xanders, President Oaks, Bishop ...

The relentless pervs at BreederFuckers think it’s time for straight guy Joel’s bum to be properly displayed. He’s bound spread eagle while still in his pants which are cut off from him. His proud hetero face is covered in spit and his ass is flogged and spanked. While his asshole […]

BreederFuckers – Joel Bound Up Legs Spread Eagle

After a hard game of cricket sporty Guy goes into the makeshift locker room at BreederFuckers and is disgusted to see that it’s a space also used by the grounds men. It’s time this star player and hairy stud gets taken down a notch and learn what it’s like to […]

BreederFuckers – Cricket Lad Guy Fucked With His Cricket Bat

At BreederFuckers, straight football lad Toby is slowly stripped naked and bent over the pervy man’s knee for a spanking. His dick is so sensitized to cruel kinky treatment that being bound and used instantly gets his prick very stiff. His tight warm asshole is revealed and rubbed. Adrian slides […]

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At, a bullying hetero like Aaron is used to not listening to anyone and intimidating others to bend to his will. Well now he needs to be taught the total opposite. With his wrists and ankles lashed to a discipline bench there’s nothing he can do push back at […]

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Stripped down naked rock star Wayne’s sensitive cock and balls are completely vulnerable to punishment of the twisted men at BreederFuckers. He’s tied to a bar stool and given a dose of cock and ball torture. His balls are clamped and his cock is pegged putting the straight boy under […]

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Seamus O’Reilly works in a diner with Sebastian Keys. Seamus is trying to mind his own business as he scrubs down the display case, but he can’t help noticing Sebastian rubbing his crotch and watching him work from across the room. Sebastian wants what he sees and approaches to grab […]

FistingCentral – Domination Diner – Sebastian Keys, Seamus O’Reilly

Brutish hetero Sean gets the treatment he so badly needs at BreederFuckers. Dave loops a rope around this tough alpha-male rugby player’s neck and ties his wrists together so every breath he takes is a struggle and he must feel every second of this treatment all the more acutely. His […]

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At, heteros like to complain “I don’t want no fags looking at my cock.” Well now, sexy straight Kirk has no fucking choice about covering his dick. He’s stark naked and tied spread eagle so his proud cock is full on show. His struggling only results in it flapping […]

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At BreederFuckers, Will is a perfect male specimen at his sexual peak. If ever there was a pervy doctor’s dream subject, this boy is it! Fit trim body, tantalizing armpit and pubic hair, long excitable cock, big bulging balls and tight pristine anus. Spread out on the exam table his […]

BreederFuckers – Will Tied Up For The Pervy Doctors