Angry Master Derek continues to damage his squirming, pathetic sub. Lashed to a bench, the defeated sub is harshly caned until his ass cheeks are quite red raw. The pain is immense as the sadistic Master thrashes down blow after blow. Disobedience is quickly punished and the captured sub can […]

BrutalTops – Master Derek – I’LL CANE YOU BEFORE MAKING ...

Just like the Latin Lover from Hollywood’s Golden Age, Rudy Valentino has that certain something that makes you go hmmmm. In his presence, there’s a subtle sexual energy, one that lets you know that he’s all about sensual pleasure. But one look in his eyes and your insides will melt, […]

TwinksinShorts – Rudy Valentino

Horny new Master Aaron appears to dominate and damage this powerless sub. The snarling, psychotic young sub appears fresh from the football pitch and bark demands at his sub to lick clean his filthy football boots. This excites the Master who then strips off his clothes and thrashes the disobedient […]

BrutalTops – Master Aaron – SWALLOW MY PISS THEN RAM ...