Footballer Leonardo finds himself in quite a predicament. Totally nude, gagged, his cock and balls are tied to his feet. It’s an awkward position and no mistake. His wrists are cuffed together behind his back and lashed to the ceiling. This keeps him bent over & very vulnerable. He can’t […]

BreederFuckers – Footballer Leonardo Finds Himself In A Predicament

With his ankles clamped and his head-gag strung up to the ceiling, hunk Jamie can do nothing to prevent his tight white pants being yanked aside to reveal his warm tight hole. The BreederFuckers men take their time prying apart his hairy ass cheeks to fully appreciate viewing his virgin […]

BreederFuckers – Hunky Lad Jamie Strung Up & Dildo Fucked

Tough lad Lee has been rendered totally helpless stripped down to his tight white pants and restricted in a bent position. With his arms bound and his ankles shackled in a leg spreader his arse is vulnerable pointed up in the air giving Dave the chance to grind against his […]

BreederFuckers – Scally Lad Lee Strung Up & Fucked

The big bulging muscleman refuses to give up any of his expensive toys, but that doesn’t worry the debt collectors. They have unusual methods for making him pay now that he’s stark naked. Meanwhile, the beleaguered man in the office stands helplessly exposed between the two officers while they insistently […]

CMNM – Debt-Collectors – Part 5

At BreederFuckers, proud hetero Will was only just recently in the comfort and security of his home. Now he’s been reduced to a beast displayed naked on all fours. His arms and legs are secured to the bench and his mouth is stuffed with a gag making him drool pathetically. […]

BreederFuckers – Will Oiled Up & Dildo Fucked

We’re after a sexy bit of rough today. Dave spies a real scally bastard full of piss and swagger. Lee’s massive thick dong swings around in his tracksuit bottoms like he’s ready to drop his trousers andfuck at any moment. His tight bum has never been touched. Even though he […]

BreederFuckers – Scally Lad Lee Stripped, Flogged & Milked

At BreederFuckers, Josh is dressed in sporty tight white gear. He exudes a horny masculine smell of testosterone and teenage fuck-off rebellion. This punk has done nothing but hang about the streets like they belong to him. Now he’s going to understand what it means to be made into a […]

BreederFuckers – Josh Groped In His Tight White Shorts

Stripped down to nothing but a pair of snug white pants at BreederFuckers, Josh’s body and meaty bulge are now properly on display. There’s no hiding himself under baggy multiple layers of clothes like he does on the street. The dopey cunt can only blather out a stream of unimaginative […]

BreederFuckers – Josh Bound Up & Dildo Fucked

At, teen paperboy Max appeared very sweet at first, but tie the fucker down, strip him off and he turns into a right nasty little fucker. He swears viciously at us now that we’ve tied him down to an upturned chair for discipline. That big pale peachy bum is […]

BreederFuckers – Max Gets A Severe Red Ass!

When hetero George first arrived at BreederFuckers he was full of confidence and swagger, bragging he could do anything in order to make as much money as possible. He fancies himself as the supreme ladies’ man. Today he’s put to the ultimate test as he’s put through an S&M session […]

BreederFuckers – Cocky Lad George Gets Flogged

Sexy tatted boy Dan is one stupid resistant fucker. He doesn’t realize that he now exists wholly for the pleasure of pervy men. Wrestled into a confined room in nothing but his tight white underwear he continues to swear and spit abuse at us. All that should be coming out […]

BreederFuckers – Sexy Tatted Boy Dan Stripped & Flogged

If anyone needs a BreederFuckers lesson in humility it’s big-headed fitness hunk Jamie. He expects his muscular manly body to be worshiped. Instead we truss the hetero up and gag him so he’s totally under our control. He’s given a firm bare handed spanking over his tight sexy gym shorts. […]

BreederFuckers – Fitness Hunk Jamie Fucked With A Dildo

At BreederFuckers, married man Bryan is painfully tied to a block with his ass in the air and a ball-gag muffling his anguished cries for mercy. His sub training has led him to this sorry position and he knows his only purpose now is to sexually serve men. Dave temporarily […]

BreederFuckers – Married Man Bryan Tied Down & Dildo Fucked

Toned and muscular Kasper at BreederFuckers has been bound and put on exhibition. Those big powerful legs and arms are rendered useless as they are spread in the air. His arsehole is diplayed and genitals hanging vulnerable. Adrian feels the circumference of his tight rubbery sphincter muscle and then slides […]

BreederFuckers -Toned Fit Kasper All Bound Up & Dildo Fucked

At BreederFuckers, sporty Wayne has his arms bound behind his back while wearing nothing but an athletic pair of white shorts. This hetero is terrified now he knows what we’re capable of. Dave painfully twists his nipples making him moan beneath his ball-gag. He slides down Wayne’s shorts to reveal […]

BreederFuckers – Sporty Lad Wayne Bound & Dildo Fucked

At BreederFuckers sporty hetero Lucas can’t be coy with his body any more. He’s fully on display with his arms and legs spread open and secured to the walls. He needs to understand that his body only exists for our visual and physical pleasure for now on. Every inch of […]

BreederFuckers – Sporty Lad Lucas Finger Fucked & Milked

At, our favourite big-dicked tough-talking hetero is back! Every inch of his hard masculine body strains against his ties emphasizing his hot muscular body. He’s disgusted and enraged being mauled by a couple of pervs, but there’s nothing the stupid fucker can do. We suckle those sexy nips of […]

BreederFuckers – Hung Scally Lad Lee Tied To The Chair

Isn’t it always the way that right when you settle down to relax some pushy prick from the gas company comes nosing around? After a full day of working his baggy uniform is rich with his sweaty masculine scent. It’s impossible to resist taking a pervy look, copping a feel […]

BreederFuckers – Gas Company Man Dale Gets Taught A Lesson!

Straight man Yuris is so revolted about being turned into an object for male lust he’s reverted to his native tongue. He rallies against his pervy captor with a stream of swears and homophobic insults. Getting strong tape wrapped around his head shuts him up soon enough. With his arms […]

BreederFuckers – Straight Man Yuris Tied Up & Milked

At, Hetero prick Aaron is used to calling the shots and expecting people to bow to his authority. Now we’ve strung him up stark bollock naked so he’s incapable of resisting us. He feels more intensely vulnerable than he’s ever been in his life. We can freely grope and […]

BreederFuckers – Hetero Prick Aaron

When Brad is on his collection rounds he has the appearance of an upstanding officer, but when he’s stripped down and restrained we see he’s really a wild untamed stupid beast. Now that he’s buck naked and totally vulnerable he can be fully retrained. We’re going to turn this arrogant […]

BreederFuckers – Big Lad Brad Forced To Suck Cock & ...