In Airport Security we find Hugo Antonin being under investigation, by Martin Merlot and Borek Sokol. Martin checks Hugo’s luggage and finds nothing. But he decides that he has to do a personal inspection. Despite Hugo’s protestations, they threaten to cut off his shirt. But Borek has another idea. He […]

WilliamHiggins – Str8hell – Airport Security – Borek Sokol, Hugo ...

At BreederFuckers, proud hetero Dale is one feisty fucker. He refuses to submit to becoming our cocksucking bitch fighting us at every step of the way. Rendered naked with his hands bound behind his back, there’s little Dale can do battle against Derek’s vicious flogging or Dave strong-arming the bastard […]

BreederFuckers – Hetero Dale Is One Feisty Fucker