The beautiful Philip Zyos is sketching a picturesque landscape in the woods when Josh Rider spots him during a hike along the stream. Josh stops for some conversation with Philip, who eventually decides to sketch Josh’s lean muscular body. But the sketching quickly stops and the two move into a clearing where Josh shows Philip […]

Lucas Entertainment – Josh Rider & Philip Zyos

In the conclusion of Lucas Entertainment’s “Barebackula,” Jonathan Harder (James Castle) must decide if he’s going to flee Castle Bare or if he’s going to give in to all of the sexual depravity within. As Jonathan prepares to go, Barebackula (Damon Heart) makes him an offer he can’t refuse — the eternal body and sex […]

Lucas Entertainment – Barebackula Claims The Cum Of Jonathan Harder ...

Sean Xavier returns to Lucas Entertainment as an exclusive model to make his bareback debut. I’m sure you remember Sean Xavier. He’s the adorable black gay porn model with the killer body and the insane 11-inch cock hanging between his legs. That not an exaggeration — it literally hangs there, swaying back and forth. The […]

Lucas Entertainment – Sean Xavier Fucks Mark Edwin Bareback

Roman Berman is a man of few words. If he has a tight ass to fuck, he’s a happy guy. That’s the end of it. Roman invites Stas Landon into his bedroom to fuck Devin Franco and Bogdan Gromov — two bottoms who are always aching for a penis up the rear. Roman and Stas […]

LucasEntertainment – Devin Franco And Bogdan Gromov Bottom For Stas ...

You’re gonna to LOVE this super deluxe fuck flick! There’s so much hot footage and I couldn’t bring myself to edit-out all the hot shenanigans that made my cock throb while editing this gem. I struggled with the title of this vid at first. I wanted to name it, “Big Bag of Cocks” or, “Six […]


Lorenzo Ciao is in the same league as Rex Cameron — these two guys know what they like, and that’s to get fucked in the ass bareback! Lorenzo has his sights on Michael Lucas, and the encounter that follows leaves Lorenzo’s ass nearly split in two. Listen to Lorenzo moan and yell has he takes […]

Lucas Entertainment – Lorenzo Ciao Bottoms For Michael Lucas

Lorenzo Ciao is in the same league as Rex Cameron — these two guys know what they like, and that’s to get fucked in the ass bareback! Lorenzo has his sights on Michael Lucas, and the encounter that follows leaves Lorenzo’s ass nearly split in two. Listen to Lorenzo moan and yell has he takes […]

Lucas Entertainment – Lorenzo Ciao & Michael Lucas

These two hoodlums arrived at the house on the same day, so I got an extra special treat getting them acclimated to the Halfway House. While my buddy was downstairs going through their bags, I got to do the up close and personal inspection. Having emptied their pockets and removed their clothes, I did a […]

BoysHalfwayHouse – Welcome To Your New Home – Nash (Nash ...

Lucas Entertainment exclusive models Stas Landon and Javi Velaro both have incredible bodies: Javi is a bit slighter of frame, while Stas is more imposing. But both guys look incredible in and out of their clothing. And both guys have proven in several scenes that they are just as good at fucking ass as they […]

Lucas Entertainment – Stas Landon And Javi Velaro Flip-Fuck

Devin Franco has an innocent enough look, but never let his appearance fool you. This was brought up when he took two dicks at the same time from Gabriel Taurus and Nico Deen, and here he proves beyond a doubt the animal he is in the sack. Devin Franco has always fantasized about being the […]

Lucas Entertainment – Devin Franco’s Bareback Gang Bang – Devin ...

Adam Killian has a fetish for guys who frequent the gym: he loves them when they’re sweaty after a long workout and strutting around the locker room showing off their goods. Rex Cameron is relatively new to the gay porn industry, and he’s been working hard to tear up his physique in the gym as […]

Lucas Entertainment – Adam Killian Tops Rex Cameron

This is an extremely hot vid because these two cuties are nasty and aggressive, hairy and hung little ass bandits, lol. The chemistry between them is strickly sexual; they both look at each other as a means to get off and that’s all. They use each others’ cocks, tongues, mouths and butt holes to cum […]


Most guys who are trying to break Rule #1 at the House at least try to be somewhat discreet about it. Not this guy. He practically had his contraband out in the open, in a very large container. We don’t know who in the hell he thinks he is, but he gets taken down extremely […]

BoysHalfwayHouse – Catholic Schoolboy Raw Misery – Leo Wright

This video should have been shot in smell-a-vision because these guys smelled delicious! You have no idea, it was a combination of man sweat, nervous tension, and sexual anticipation with a pre-cum drizzle. Hoyt and Riley have natural chemistry; they both love sex and they both love to bottom or top. And they both like […]


Our biggest littlest fan Tank is back and ready for more action so we teamed up him with our crazy-hung banana cock bud, Ren. Oh man, the connection was immediate! Little Tank couldn’t take his eyes off Ren’s big dick. Before we knew it, Tank’s tiny hole was finger-banged and tongued-fucked in every conceivable position. […]

MaverickMenDirects – Baby Oil Booty Bandit

According to your messages, y’all have been craving a video wherein a six foot six inch, three hundred pound, hairy muscle monsters pounds the fuck out of a lean twink with a nine inch cock, lol. I’m certain that you have never seen anything like this before. I have to admit, these two unlikely bedfellows [...]

MaverickMenDirects – Jack and the Giant Bottom Slayer

Directing this video was a real treat for me because I love to make our fans happy. One of our biggest fans is our, Puppy. He’s been a fan for a long time and he even starred in another video with us called, Puppy Love on One of Puppy’s biggest porn crushes is hefty-uncut-weiner-wielding, […]

MaverickMenDirects – The Puppy and The Pornstar