Cop Kieran is initiated into full on cock whoredom for the nasty BreederFuckers. This straight fucker’s mouth should be permanently open and ready to take any big hard cock that wants to be pleasured so he’s fitted with a gag which pries his gob open. Toby rams his cock inside […]

BreederFuckers – Kieran’s Hole Is Brutally Fucked

New at BreederFuckers, pretty straight boy Aiden thinks he’s hit upon a gold mine working as an escort for lonely ladies. He’s very strict about only seeing female clients thinking his straight ass is so precious there’s no price he’ll accept for giving it up. The homophobic prick has the […]

BreederFuckers – Straight Lad Aiden Tied To The Bed & ...

Work men are notorious for teasingly showing off ass crack while tinkering around. Now that Bobby is strapped down he can do nothing to prevent his muscular round cheeks from being aggressively exposed and treated to a beating by the savage men at BreederFuckers. His hard muscular back is treated […]

BreederFuckers – Fit Lad Bobby Tied Up In The Office

Officer Kirk Cummings stands with his hands tied in the center of Scott Demarco’s dungeon. Kirk tried to shut down Scott’s cruising area, but now he is at Scott’s total mercy. Despite his humiliating predicament, Kirk can’t help the throbbing and swelling of his boner. Scott bends down and sucks […]

FistingCentral – Cops In Cuffs – Kirk Cummings, Scott Demarco

At BreederFuckers.com, sexy straight cunt Chris has a set of knackers that should be on display at all time. Stripped down stark naked with his arms tied behind his back and his ankles locked in a leg spreader his body is primed for our sadistic pleasure. His junk dangles between […]

BreederFuckers – Handsome Straight Lad Chris Spanked & Fucked!

Mechanic Bobby is a sexy bit of rough who drifts into the BreederFucker’s office looking to service the air conditioner. Rather than diligently keeping to his work he has to stick his nose in where it doesn’t belong. When he’s offered a lesson in what S&M means he can’t resist […]

BreederFuckers – Mechanic Bobby Tied Up & Gets A Rough ...

At BreederFuckers muscular stud Wayne clings to his macho pride so he’s locked in the stocks wearing only his tight white pants to humble him. Even with the bad men standing over him authoritatively while he’s completely vulnerable he still mouths off to them. Such insolence must be corrected to […]

BreederFuckers – Wayne Bound In Stocks

New at BreederFuckers, incredibly toned fitness instructor Jamie is making a health food video in the hopes of becoming the next online star, but he keeps fluffing his lines. The arrogant stud doesn’t know how to take directions and brushes off the crew who try to assist him absolutely refusing […]

BreederFuckers – Fitness Instructor Jamie Strung Up & Flogged

Feeble sub peter is bound by Master Kieron and has a rough pole lashed between his knees. Once in this prostrate position the nasty Top attaches tight clips to the squirming boy’s testicles and humiliates him by tugging on his shrivelled, patheric penis. Then the Master adds a third clip […]

BrutalTops – Master Kieron – ABUSED AND FUCKED – THEN ...

At BreederFuckers, Charlie has got some attitude. This petulant boy wants to stand around slacking off all day. Well we’re going to give him his wish! Tied up in his cute school uniform he can’t even move as his body is groped and used in any way we wish. His […]

BreederFuckers – Charlie Suspended From The Ceiling

Josh likes to act tough on the street so BreederFuckers test this hetero bastard’s mettle. He’s strong-armed in place while Adrian whips his shorts down to noose up his cock and balls. Josh’s white pants hang pathetically around his ankles with skid marks up the seat. The rope is suspended […]

BreederFuckers – Josh Dildo Fucked On A Filthy Mattress

At BreederFuckers, discipline and training in submission is what this mouthy hetero cunt needs! Bound ass-up on the table, Dale is in a painfully vulnerable position. His tight white pants are split open to show his crack and the pale nut brown rim of his sphincter. His ruined underwear makes […]

BreederFuckers – Dale Bound Ass Up On The Table

At BreederFuckers, now that we have this greasy young skaterboi in our clutches we’re going to use him in any way we want. Not only will we use his horny hetero body to get off, but he’s a subject for our psychological experiment. How can we train smarmy sexy ingrates […]

BreederFuckers – Skaterboi Ross Forced To Shoot His Load!

Kieran’s ass may already be sore and blazing red, but the pervy men at BreederFuckers are far from finished using this straight cunt to satisfy their own selfish desires. They drag him in and pin him down while he’s stark naked and completely vulnerable. Kieran snivels and moans hoping for […]

BreederFuckers – Kieran Tied Down & Gets His Arse Abused

At BreederFuckers handsome Lucas struts around the streets like he owns them. Popular. Young. Physically fit. Captain of his college’s football team. His status changes quickly once he’s lured down into a deep dark basement where two bad men strong arm him into submission. Now he’s nothing but meat for […]

BreederFuckers – Handsome Lucas Stripped & Flogged